Fringe 2017: Foil Arms & Hog: OinK

Foil Arms & Hog are back! Opening the Dublin Fringe Festival this year, Sean Finegan, Conor McKenna and Sean Flanagan have truly come a long way since they started their comedic sketches online. Having been touring across the UK and Ireland over the last few months, the boys return to the Irish stage, becoming the first ever act to perform on the Abbey Stage as part of the Fringe Festival.

The audience were in high spirits as they queued to get into the auditorium. Fans raced to the front seats, eager to be heckle and participate in the show.  Each of the sketches is cleverly written and executed. The guys finding a perfect balance between rehearsed and spontaneity. Despite the close proximity between audience and the performers when they leap from the stage and interact with the spectator, there is still a feeling of comfort and safety. Their forceful humor isn’t intimidating but utterly endearing.

It is the self-awareness that adds charm and character to the performance, with the lads admitting to unplanned skits and forgotten lines. Even with the awkward set design, the sides of the stage being covered in soil (left over from the production of ‘Kate Roche’) causing some displacement, the boys knew how to make it work.

Highlights from the show include a game of twister; a salesman promoting top-brand balaclava’s, and robot actors who malfunction in the midst of filming, this production offers one great laugh after the other.

Kevin Worrall

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