Fringe 2017: FFFFFFFMILK

“Cats in my mouth will start shortly!” Paul Currie informs the audience as he sits behind the screen where the show is about to start. He then hands out party-poppers to members of the audience in preparation for his grand entrance, where he comes soaring in over their heads mounted upon his mighty steed.

Leading, quite possibly, the most bizarre comedy show you will see this year, Paul Currie’s Cats in My Mouth (FFFFFFFMILK, unfortunately, this is not) is a rollercoaster of laughs and surprises. Essentially it is a one-man sketch show, as his childlike amount of energy and assortment of props keep us guessing what he is planning to do next. At times he was even encouraging the audience to ask each other “What’s he doing?” and “I think he may have
lost it” or “Why is he saying ‘scoop-the- whoop’?”

Full to the brim with absurdity, some of his stand-out sketches included a scene from his new play, Spide or Man?, set in a butchers in Belfast, or his new dance to the song Maniac by Flashdance. Not to forget the many audience participation skits, where often the whole audience was included. There was a point where he had the audience meowing a song as one audience member drank milk like a cat from a bowl onstage. Then there were more sombre sketches, where even I didn’t suppose that Mr Currie feeding a bin sweetcorn could bring tears to my eyes.

He made good use of the stage, and the lights were relatively standard, but for a comedy show of this type they are secondary to the high-octane performance and the props providing a creative source of laughs. The music, operated by a man known as Adrian, was almost a character in itself.

Non-stop laughs, beneficial to both audience and comedian (he duly informs us this is therapy for him) this is one show you will most certainly not want to miss.

by Johnny Walsh

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