Fringe 2017: Everything Not Saved

Spirit of the Fringe Winners, “Malaprop”, return to Project Arts with their brand new offering “Everything Not Saved”, a theatrical exploration of memory, (but not nostalgia).

Devised by the company and Dylan Coburn Gray, “Everything Not Saved” asks big questions about the nuances of memory, and how something so inherently personal can trick us and leave us so unsure of what we initially believed. Malaprop takes us on a journey through three distinct scenes, cleverly feeding us with false information and coercing us to think back on what we first understood to be the case.

Molly O’Cathain’s simple yet effective set allows the piece to move with ease through these memories and experiences of the actors, all of whom work tightly as an ensemble. The dispersed interpretations of memory are comically portrayed by Holahan, O’Mahony and Corboy while still demonstrating the deeper philosophies of our own perceptions in “remembering”.

Rasputin, forensic actors and ex-lovers are all targets in Malaprops examination of our own dishonest psychology. It is the questions asked and the stories in between the scenes that I found particularly engaging, with one instance testing us to remember something that happened mere minutes beforehand. This interrogation of the audience unsettles, just in time for the rather epic grand finale.

Malaprop’s previous works often question the world around us and “Everthing Not Saved” is no different. This slick production leaves us hanging on an existential note but it’s the shrewdness of the dialogue that make it so accessible. For a piece so imbued with the theme of memory, it certainly isn’t forgettable.

By Ciaran Gallagher

“Everything Not Saved” runs from the 9th – 16th in the Project Arts Centre. 

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