Fringe 2017: Dreamgun Film Reads

Audience members file into the Space Upstairs at the Project Arts Centre clutching their tickets and wearing their Jurassic Park Visitor Sticker with pride. The Dreamgun team have attracted a packed house to their one night only film read of Jurassic Park as part of the Dublin Fringe. The evening was the first show to sell out over the festival’s run, and rightly so. Team Dreamgun present their hugely entertaining and bizarre foray into an unrehearsed adaptation of Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster Jurassic Park.

Stephen Colfer, Gavin Drea, Heber Hanly and James McDonnell tackle the intricacies of Spielberg’s script with hilarious attention to detail. They then enlist the help of their friends to read it on stage, without any rehearsal. The result is a raucous evening of knee-slapping material. The team of actors rise to Dreamgun’s challenge and deliver a string of delightful caricatures of Spielberg’s iconic cast. The performance is not without structure however. The production is very much a theatrical event, with strong lighting and sound design allowing the programme to rise to fit its venue and crowd.

Dreamgun’s Jurassic Park represents the best of the Fringe, whilst encompassing the spirit of the festival. The production succeeds through its distinct lack of rehearsal and by not taking itself too seriously. Dreamgun lets everyone in on the chaos, and the fun shared by creators and cast is infectious. A tremendous amount of work went into reupholstering Spielberg’s film resulting in a wonderfully nuanced parody. With energy, spontaneity and chemistry Dreamgun’s Jurassic Park closes week one of the Dublin Fringe Festival on a resounding high.

If you missed last night, or are hungry for more, Dreamgun host regular readings of films at the Bello Bar in Portobello, and the team promise a spooky treat this Halloween. Podcasts of their previous film reads – Spiderman, Terminator and Batman Begins – are available on iTunes, Pocketcast and Soundcloud.

by Sarah McKenna Barry

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