EP 2010 | Friday’s line up

Friday September 3rd

Roxy Music,  Public Image Limited,  Modest Mouse,  The Waterboys,  Jonsi (Sigur Ros),  Marc Almond,  Janelle Monae,  Eels,  Foals,  Booka Shade,  Duke Special,  Laura Marling,  Kormac’s Big Band,  Stars,  Sebastien Leger,  Black Mountain,  The Rubberbandits feat Crystal Swing,  Sneaky Soundsystem DJ set,  MNDR,  Here We Go Magic,  Chew Lips,  Hurts,  Cymbals Eat Guitars,  Joe Echo,  Freelances Whales,  Delta Maid,  James O’Connor,  Nova Static,  Donal Dineen, Niwel Tsumbu & Friends,  Vengeance & the Panther Queen,  The Subs,  LRB,  Phil Ryan.

Here’s our thoughts:

Roxy Music
Ask every other band what band they’d like to see most at the Picnic and Roxy Music will probably get the majority of votes. Formed back in 1971 they’re arguably on of the most influential bands stil playing today. And if all that doesn’t impress you they got to play Jonathan Ross’s last show, so that’s a big deal, isn’t it?
Public Image Limited
Yes it’s hard to be in awe of John Lydon following that butter ad on TV. But these guys have been around since the beginning of punk and like Roxy Music they’ve influenced an awful lot of musicians. But yeah it is hard not to keep thinking about the butter ad.
Modest Mouse
Potentially one of the highlights of the opening day. They’ve got a big following here and have the experience to engage with festival drop-ins. A seriously strong back catalogue. They are known to feed on live mice during their set, possibly.
The Waterboys
“And you saw the WHOLE of the moon”. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. Yeah they have their diehard fans but as hard as I just tried to listen to more of their stuff, I’m sorry that’s it; over 20 years – one song.
Jonsi (Sigur Ros)
The nearest we’re going to get in the immediate future to a Sigur Ros gig. He has his own solo material and the chances are he’ll stick to that, but it’s still all wonderfully ethereal and Icelandic. And, fuck it, it all sounds the same.
Marc Almond
Not to be confused with Jennifer Lopez’s husband (or is it ex-husband?) Almond = Soft Cell = Tainted Love. Again there’ll be diehard fans who know that there’s much more to him than that but those that don’t know that don’t care.
Janelle Monae
The hipster’s flavour of the season at the moment. Very art school pop. Like an Art School Lada Gaga or a young Grace Jones. expect a big crowd and a lot of unnecessarily big glasses
Mr E and his big bag of great weird tunes deserves a crowd, and he should get one, Novacaine for the Soul, My Beloved Monster, Cancer for the Cure. All depressing lyrics, all upbeat infectious tunes.
Brought out a great second album this year to bulk up the playlist. The best chance of getting a Oxegen style mosh going on day one of E.P.
Booka Shade
More German Electro House Please!!! Was what we all wrote on our suggestion cards as we left Stradbally last year and the organizers have obliged! Of course they have their fans but this duo will presumably give most pleasure to a load of ‘happy’ and ‘touchy’ people who won’t remember who they are come Saturday morning.
Duke Special
The Belfast dreadlocked, eyelinered (is that a adjective?) is an established festival force in Ireland now and will have a strong fanbase amongst Electric Picnic goers. Does that don’t know him and just stumble in front of his act shouldn’t have any complaints
Laura Marling
‘Mercury nominated singer-songwriter’ or ‘your one who goes out with your man from Mumford & sons’ or ‘Laura Who?’ depending on your viewpoint. Of course is she were to win the Mercury you could say you saw her first if you were that type of asshole.
Kormac’s Big Band
A 10- piece band featuring brass, a barbershop quartet, banjo, double bass, drums, live visuals and the occasional guest vocalist as well as some help from various heads from the Dublin DJing scene? Yeah go on that sounds perfect for Electric Picnic, or anywhere for that matter.
A sister band to Broken Social Scene and a welcome fillip for those who felt EP should have been the Irish festival for Arcade Fire this year
Sebastien Leger
French DJ/Producer, his promotional posters should say ‘A Cheap Less Well Known By Scumbags David Guetta’ but they don’t.
Black Mountain
Do you know Pink Mountaintops? No? Well this is the Pink Mountaintops side project. The have a heavier sound that that band you don’t know.
The Rubberbandits feat Crystal Swing
The weirdest combination since I made Lemon & Lime Capri Sun and Crunchie mousse as a kid for my Mam’s birthday. For sheer car crash spectacle this will have to be seen. Surely destined to be a youtube hit.
Sneaky Soundsystem DJ set
Austalian dance combo kinda of like Hot Chip with a bird doing the vocals, and added references to Fosters Lager, shrimp on the barbie, kangaroos, Alf Stewart and cult teen drama Sweat, starring the late Heath Ledger. Probably.
You know that great new Mark Ronson song? Well this is the girl from that who sings the french bit..and the other bits that the guy from A Tribe Called Quest doesn’t sing. She will be, if nothing else, very cool
Here We Go Magic
It wouldn’t be Electric Picnic without a critically acclaimed band or two from Brooklyn. These are not one of them, they were critically panned and hail from Scunthorpe. Nah only messing they’re from Brooklyn and they’re deadly. Had you going there though didn’t I? Ho ho.
Chew Lips
‘An East London dance pop trio who have taken London by storm’. Which loosely translates to ‘One of the acts the cool kids are most likely to wet themselves over’. Seriously, their tent will be full of distraught looking scensters, wearing wet jeggings and smelling of urine.
British electronic duo. Kylie sings on their debut album which is released just after EP. Worth spreading a rumour that she’s appearing onstage with them just to see what happens.
Cymbals Eat Guitars
An American indie band getting seriously good press back home. One album behind them, Why There Are Mountains,  worth checking them out, if only to get an answer to that little mountains conundrum.
Joe Echo
Northern Ireland dude who seems to have played with everyone, literally EVERYONE without yet getting commercial acclaim. That’ll probably change and by all accounts he’s good live.
Freelances Whales
They’re from New York? Great that means they’re cool. Wait, wtf?! They’re not from Brooklyn, they’re from Queens?! Blurgghh I’m going to vomit. What’s that? Queens is the new Brooklyn?! Oh good, I like them again. Actually quite good, and they use a glockenspiel
Delta Maid
A Liverpool chick with a serious thing for roots music. If you like roots go see her, the Liverpool thing shouldn’t really come into it.
James O’Connor
At last a Laois man. The only guy ‘repping his ends’ (London grime speak). He recently teamed up with a classical violinist. Expect a classy John Spillane/Declan O’Rourke vibe. Plus unlike 90% of the acts here, if you like him you’ll get to see him in Ireland again.
Nova Static
Along with James O’Connor these lads are also representing Laois. Seeing as how they managed to get through a competition to play EP they should be fairly tight anyways.
Donal Dineen, Niwel Tsumbu & Friends
Donal Dineen, well respected Irish DJ + Niwel Tsumbu, well respected Congolese musician + ‘Friends’ = Dunno…
Vengeance & the Panther Queen
One of the more epically named bands at this years festival. On a day completely bereft of anything resembling metal this is where rockers can get their fix.
The Subs
An electro house band from Belguim, if you are in the mood where touching people’s face seems appropriate this is probably the act for you.
Dublin DJ, if you google LRB without the full stops you end up thinking a M.O.R 1970’s Australian band is playing EP.
By Kev Donnellon

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