Fallen Rule, The Mercantile

By Kevin Donnellan

Photo by Alessio Michelini

Get a guitar, learn some chords, start a band. It’s simple. Well first time around it is anyway. After that it gets harder. Some of the certainty and optimism must get washed away by the time you get to the second or third spin of the wheel. Well that’s what I’m guessing anyway, what would I know, I’ve never been in a band.

So we’re in the Mercantile on a Friday evening in January. Fallen Rule are comprised of Scott Glennon and Andrew Parkes (formerly of Brother’s Movement) and Nolan Watkinson (formerly of Manchester band The Second Floor). A new band, starting from scratch (although admittedly with the rep to support BRMC at a packed Academy before Christmas). They’ve been here before, got some buzz, played some great venues, had proper releases and supported some big acts too. Now it’s, well not back to square one, but definitely still in the single digits square-wise.

Looking at the three lads marching onto the stage in front of a healthy crowd the thought occurs that restarting from base camp may not be the worst thing in the world. They launch into their set with gusto; maybe the story here is about second chances. About doing it properly this time. About enjoying it more. Taking control.

Influences wise you can hear the like of MBV, BRMC, HEALTH, Spiritualized, Brian Jonestown Massacre, No Age. This is the stuff I love; loud, fuzzy noise with triumphant / despairing lyrics just about audible above said noise.  I’ve long been a convert, any halfway competent band who loosely fall into this category will win me over fairly easily.

But it’s early days for Fallen Rule and the proof will be a few months, perhaps years, down the road. Maybe it will still be just myself and the other believers barely swaying in front of the stage. But I’m betting there are more potential converts out there. In the meantime it’s nice having another non-synth playing Dublin band around.

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