Everything Between Us at Project Arts Centre


A bold breath of fresh air to witness a play, performed in the Republic, that falls so fiercely in the camp of the Unionist perspective of the peacekeeping struggle in Northern Ireland.

Teeni is the troubled younger sister that comes crash landing into Sandra’s life on one of the most important mornings for Northern Ireland in recent memory. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission is beginning to mend the wounds of endless years of conflict while somewhere in a boiler room underground these two sisters are locked in a struggle to reconcile their relationship.

Stacey Gregg’s Teeni is fiercely comical, the broken product of a lifetime of conflict, while sister Sandra attempts to pick up the pieces, both in her personal life and professionally, as a Unionist MP at the Commission.

The play is sharp, quick-witted and observant, a reconciliation story in more ways than one. The set towers over the two women in its harsh intricacies, as they try to navigate the treacherous ground of conversation: dredging up old scores, pained memories, politics and religion after an eleven year estrangement.

The play was originally written for radio and was awarded the Stewart Parker Radio Drama prize last year, however the marvellous production and poignant performances succeed in transcending these origins and present a forceful, full-bodied theatrical experience in Everything Between Us.

 Gillian Greer



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