Dublin Theatre Festival: Wind Resistance

In Wind Resistance, Karine Polwart brings the audience on a journey, across time and space, to look at some of the fundamental constituents to the human condition. In many ways, this piece is an extended love song, to motherhood, to place and history, to nature and the place of humanity within it. Made up of songs, poetry and stories, Wind Resistance is one of those things that cannot and will not allow itself to be forgotten. There is something in it which will be familiar to everyone, and plenty about it too which will be alien. That is how it
functions, treading that fine line between the real and the fanciful, story and history, life and death.

The soundscape, created with Pippa Murphy, invokes the wildness of the Scottish moors which provide the backdrop to this piece, while still holding onto the spirit of hearth and home which Polwart artfully creates and
maintains in her telling. This is a piece that in many ways evades a short description, it needs its own space in which to breathe and tell itself out.


by Síofra Ní Shluaghadháin

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