Dublin Theatre Festival: Multiverse

Review by Siofra Nic Liam

Multiverse is a show from Louis Vanhaverbeke, who plays a multifunctional DJ in this show.

The set is a number of household products layed out in a semi circle at the front of the stage.

 Throughout the show, Vanhaverbeke uses each of these items and sets them spinning. The lighting creates a large spotlight on the stage floor, keeping with the circular shape of a record.

Vanhaverbeke spends much of the show running around the items in circles, preforming various tasks, from making a pancake and putting on songs, to dressing up as someone from Baywatch.

As he inflates a glove and sets it on a record player, we are given the sense that DJing is far more than just a hobby for him, but rather something that his whole life revolves around.

This is a bright, colourful show and there are plenty of moments that have the audience laughing and cheering him on, but it does not quite hold as it becomes weary to watch as it goes on.

At one point he sings “I keep falling in and out of love with you”, and the same can be said of this show.

One weakness it has is that there are too many moments that feel like natural end points, but the show continues after the audience has mentally checked out.

Another is that at points, much of the action happens on the floor, which is fine in itself, but the props are so close to the feet of the front row that audience members were having to stand to struggle to see what was happening.

It was still an entertaining and inventive show, with enough in it to make it a worthwhile trip to the theatre.

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