Dublin Theatre Festival: Girl Song

For the 2017 Dublin Theatre Festival, United Fall bring a new piece of contemporary dance theatre, Girl Song, to town. This piece is highly dynamic, with strong visual and audio elements, which intermingle with one another without touching. There is an element of surreal detachment surrounding the piece, emphasised by the inability of the characters within it to connect with one another. It is difficult to tell where the genesis of this piece comes from, and in truth, it is a piece which seems to be aimed clearly at those with a prior understanding of the conventions of contemporary dance.

To the casual observer, the quality of the production was clear, as was the skill of the dance company, but something, somewhere along the line, appears to have gone missing, and whatever emotive or narrative thread exists within the work remains a mystery to most. Then again, given the aura of disconnect about the piece as a whole, perhaps that was the point all along.

By Síofra Ní Shluaghadháin

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