Dublin Fringe Review: Witches and Dogs

Review by Siofra Nic Liam

Erin McGathy and Ben Seeder bring us an improvised piece, based on information they get from the audience.
Starting by asking audience members who they first fancied, if they had go to places for dates and a couple of other relationship themed questions, they jump into two characters inspired by what they’ve been told, showing the beginning and end of a relationship.
It’s difficult to ascertain how much has been prepared before hand, and much of the comedy draws on the mad-libs-esq style of how they incorporate details they got from the audience members they questioned at the start of the show. These details being inserted in the middle of dialogue bring an element of the bizzare to the situation we are seeing play out on stage, as well as giving the audience nice little throw backs to the start of the show.
McGathy and Seeder are obviously both naturally funny people, reflected in their more than capable performances and have a talent in tying the story together in a way that gives belly laughs as well as invoking feelings of loss and reminding us of the reality of relationships – that the ones ending weren’t all bad, and the ones starting won’t always last.
The lighting is mostly very basic, lighting the stage but without much else, as it needs to be flexible for a show that hasn’t happened yet.
A show definitely worth seeing more than once, if not out of pure curiosity for how the performers adapt to the new details each night, then for the two talented performers and a touching story.

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