Dublin Fringe Review: The Cats Mother

Review by Siofra Ni Shluaghadháin

In the midst of new innovations and new ideas in theatre, some times an old fashioned play about hard decisions and family rises to the surface. The Cat’s Mother is just that. Two sisters, one weekend, and a whole lot of trouble.

Sinead is in London for a weekend of long needed respite. She’s visiting her sister, Ciara, who hightailed it out of Kilfinora, leaving Sinéad behind to care for their senile mother. She’s frustrated and desperate for a way out.

Ciara is not thrilled by this interjection to her metropolitan life, particularly not when she discovers that Sinéad has brought their mother, and their aging cat, in tow.

The Cat’s Mother is a rollicking ride, full of laughs, but also dealing with some serious questions of life, death, and whether it’s ever okay to kill someone.

This production, brought to the Dublin Fringe Festival by Wildcard Theatre brings to life the fantastic script by Erica Murray.

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