Dublin Fringe Review: Shame

Review by Siofra Ni Shluaghadháin

Shame is an essay in the human condition. Weaving together narratives of failure, artistic endeavour, family and mental illness, the ever-charismatic Pom Boyd captivates the audience with this piece. Co-commissioned by the Dublin Fringe Festival and the Abbey Theatre, Shame bears all the hallmarks of a big Fringe production. The investment certainly pays off.

Shame is a play to music, in the vein of Town is Dead. It is not a musical. Instead, the soundtrack, composed by Sean Millar, gives Shame an otherworldly aura. Boyd, accompanied by Sarah Kinlen and Kim V Porcelli, juxtaposition this against the truthfulness of the spoken and performed narrative, which is, in part an autiographical exploration of Boyd’s own art and her journey through her own shame attached to it.

All in all, Shame is an experience of theatrical performance that is surprising and pleasing at every beat.

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