Dublin Fringe Review: Making Sense

Review by Vanessa Murray

So how exactly do you buy sex appeal in Brown Thomas? And what do people mean when they ask you “if you play tennis”?

Don’t worry she says, Áine will explain it all.

Her Gorilla Irish class has gone gonzo and she doesn’t give a focail!

Fresh off a stellar run at The Edinburgh Fringe, the show is a celebration of the collective trauma of growing up through the Irish school system and somehow also, Lionel Richie. This is the only lesson you will ever have where sitting in the back of the class splitting your sides laughing is acceptable.

I would watch the space that Áine Gallagher is about to fill as one of Ireland brightest and most original comics. Her onstage awkward is the real act as underneath she’s quick witted as your most acerbic múinteoir.

Áine packs real punch in her delivery and doesn’t fall back on the “oh awkward me” trope as heavily as a lot of other young Irish comedians.

She seems to do to Irish teachers what Father Ted did for priests; only the content is very current.

Paired back presentation (and a flip chart) are all that’s needed to bring the classroom to life.

Of particular interest to anyone visiting Ireland for The Dublin Fringe (8th – 24th September), the authentic atmosphere of the central comedy venue The International Bar, on Wicklow Street lends its self wonderfully to the theme and style of Áines performance.

A matinee show has been added on the 15th of September at 1pm, however all other tickets are completely SOLD OUT.

You’ll be kicking yourself that you haven’t done your Obair bhaile to find out when Áine is playing next. Her usual gig is MC at the Galway Bright Club every other month.


Making Sense – Run 10th – 14th 18:45 September SOLD OUT 15th September 13:00 Tickets 13e/11e concession.

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