Dublin Fringe Review: Everything Can Be Dismantled

Review by Síofra Ní Shluaghadháin

What makes a city? Who owns it? What would your ideal city look like? These questions, and many, many others, are the focus of Everything Can Be Dismantled, a performance project by Joan Sommers Donnelly and Donnacha MacCóil. Part theatre, part discussion, part collaborative experience, it tackles some of the biggest issues facing Dublin in the present moment.

It is highly imaginative, using story telling, construction and physical performance to weave a narrative of social and urban spaces, past, present, future and imagined. What role do theoretical ideas play in our understanding of reality? Is there any point in challenging the status quo, without the tools to change the system?

Brought to the public during this year’s Dublin Fringe, against a background of unrest about the accommodation crisis, Everything Can Be Dismantled captures a moment in time, as it happens.

This is a show which challenges our ideas of what a city is, what a city should be, and, perhaps most importantly, what a city could be. It is worth noting that the spirit of the show is very much one of collaboration and audience interaction, so this is not an event for the passive theatre-goer. Every night will be different, the audience shaping the tone and content of the debate.


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