Dublin Fringe Review: Disposable Camera

Review by Siofra Nic Liam

Davey Reilly’s show Disposable Camera is a comedy show with the clearest theme I’ve ever seen.

Managing to make an entire show stemming from a story which starts with him visiting Brussels and stealing a disposable camera from a market to spite a rude seller.

Showing off his little knowledge of physics and the German language, he tells the audience a number of stories linking into his journey before deciding whether or not to develop the photos on this camera.

Having to introduce himself at the top of the show, he is already breathless by the time he arrives on stage, fitting in well with his self-deprecating style of humour.

The set is well put together, decorated with cameras and fairy lights, as well as a microphone stand made of old film capsules – though this proved not to have the weight necessary to successfully hold up a microphone.

A small audience in a big enough venue can be difficult to captivate regardless of the art form, but Reilly draws the audience in and kept us engaged for the duration of his show.

While Reilly makes good use of a projector to show photo slides, the timing of the technical cues left something to be desired. Luckily, this was not a crucial element of the show and didn’t affect the overall performance or how it was received.

Displaying honesty and a genuine eye for the surreal in life, this comedian is a must see of this year’s fringe festival, and I’m already looking forward to his future shows.

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