Dublin Fringe Review: Brendan Galileo for Europe

Review by Siofra Nic Liam

A one man show, written and performed by Fionn Foley and directed by Jeda de Brí, Brendan Gallileo follows a young man aspiring to win a seat in the European Parliament to bring his hometown of Prospect, Galway to the fore and save his grandmother’s music academy. With a stroke of genius, he realises that he can get instant media attention by representing Ireland in the Eurovision.

Foley has quite a large cast of characters, each of whom he manages to give form and make instantly recognisable with some skilled acting. More impressively is how capable he is of brining visual gags to life for the audience with no props or supporting cast.

He is aided by creative sound and light ques, bringing us into a world of rural Ireland, full of eccentric characters who will seem very familiar to the audience but are in no way unoriginal.

The themes in the show, as well as Gallileo’s journey from a failed election, erecting tents for out door events for a living, to funerals, dream sequences and the Eurovision stage in Belgium are ambitious, but the simple story of a plucky young man wanting to help his family and town remains at the heart of the show.

Clever jokes which poke fun at the Irish, scenes which manage to evoke genuine emotion from the audience, along with a catchy Eurovision song make this a laugh out loud show that won’t disappoint.


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