Fringe 2017 Preview: Saharcasm

“Your English is so good.” “Where are you REALLY from?” “Is your hair real?”

You probably won’t find the answers to these questions in Saharcasm, a one woman show exploring the Irishism, Arabism and racism that provokes queries like these.

Passionate, hard hitting and inspiring Sahar Ali brings her fresh perspective on modern Ireland. Taking examples from everyday life and using her irresistible sense of humour Saharcasm delicately negotiates the subconscious prejudices that underline the interpersonal relationships in the land of
‘céad míle fáilte’.

Using both comedy and spoken word Sahar is a rising star in Dublin’s arts community. She has performed in the Lingo Festival, the Dublin Literature Festival, Body & Soul and the Vodafone Comedy Festival 2017.

Sahar has featured on the critically acclaimed drama AMC’s ‘Into the Badlands’. Sahar is also a prolific blogger and provides regular observations and thoughts on her blog Saharcasm which served as a basis for this show.

Director, Vickey Curtis is an out spoken word artist from Dublin. She co-hosts Come Rhyme With Me in Dublin’s OutHouse. Vickey is a Dublin Fringe Festival alumni, having presented her most recent work Finem Respice in the 2016 programme. Vickey presented A Rose by Any Other Name in Dublin Live Art Festival 2016 and Vickey Curtis Isn’t Sorry as part of Live Collision 2016

● Saharcasm runs in Smock Alley from 16-17th September at 20:45 (additional show on 17th September at 14:15.) Tickets €14/ €12 conc.
● Previews- 15th September at 20:45. Tickets for the preview are €11.

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Written/ Performed by: Sahar Ali
Directed by: Victoria Curtis
Produced by: Joe Murphy
Set Design by: Áine O’Hara
Lighting Design by: Ciaran Gallaghar
Digital Marketing by: Rob O’Donoghue
Music Design by: Deepin Pradeep
Venue: Boys’ School, Smock Alley Theatre
Dates: 16 -17 September
Preview: 15 September
Time: 20:45
Duration: 50 minutes
Booking: 1850 374 643



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