Drcarlsonalbion | Gold

The latest album from Earth mainman Dylan Carlson is a strange one. The soundtrack to a German Western set in Canada (!), it consists of 24 very ambient tracks of mainly rolling, foreboding guitar figures, accompanied by occasional percussion scrapings and the odd rumbling and rattling here and there. It’s very sparse – think Neil Young’s Dead Man soundtrack or the more out-there moments of Papa M’s Live From A Shark Cage. Many of the tracks are less than a minute in length, some frustratingly so (the elegiac XXIII). The bookends (I & XXIV) are probably the most similar tracks to late period Earth. Any of these tracks would work well to break up an album but when taken together as a whole it doesn’t make a huge impression. While it’s very evocative – your ears will end up caked in prairie dust – it’s probably one for Earth completists only. It’s available from District Lines.

Killian Laher

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