Digital Arts Festival, /Glitch returns to RUA RED

This years /Glitch Festival investigates notions of moveable space from an augmented point of view. The curators presented the question “How can technology activate a more visceral connectivity from a virtual standpoint?” to a series of established and emerging Irish and international artists. The artists were encouraged to sample/ experiment with both old and new technologies to investigate the influence of technology within space, reassessing what it is to be both local and yet hold an inter/national spatial autonomy.

The festival, which takes place from Friday 29 May to Saturday 06 June, is housed both in RUA RED & MART Galleries will feature interactive visual & sound artworks that will encourage the audience to engage and experiment with altered technologies. The curators have reconstructed a representational frame of The MART old fire station within RUA RED’s Gallery 1. Altering the traditional white cube to become host to a foreign venue, additionally some work will be displaced and part projected in both venues.

You can download the /Glitch app from the Google Play Store and iTunes.


LAUNCH NIGHT – MART presents Homebeat/Fri 29 May / 6pm /@RUA RED
Meet the artists, the curators and some familiar faces for an evening of live music, drinks and a first peek at what’s in store for /Glitch this year. Homebeat lineup Dorota Konchzewska & Kobina.

Sat 30 May/10-4pm/ @ RUA RED /€15
This workshop will introduce participants to the micro-controller Arduino which allows designers to access electronics such as sensors, motors and LEDs easily. Students will learn how to build simple circuitry, programme their creations and how to make the most of the open-source community.

iTROLLEY /Sat 30 May/ 10.30am / €20 for 3 weeks (6th June and 13th June)/@RUA RED
This 3 week course for 8-16 year olds combines hand on crafts techniques with the latest technologies for participants to design and create their own customised merchandise such as tote bags and t-shirts.

/GLITCH TALKS/ Wed 03 June/ 7-9pm (Doors open 6.30) /@ RUA RED/ Free admission. Featuring Noel Fitzpatrick, Benjamin Bratton, Paul O’Brien and Jonathan Mayhew.
Join the artists and curators of /Glitch for discussion on geopolitics of cloud computing, the work of Bernard Stiegler and digital media.

SOUND AS A MEDIUM WORKSHOP – by David Stalling /Sat 06 June /10-4pm/ @ RUA RED/€15
This workshop covers the basics of exploring, recording, editing and manipulating everyday sounds.

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