Derek Ellard | Candour [EP]

Derek Ellard’s EP ‘Candour’ was put on my desk earlier this year, and since then I’ve listened to the singer songwriter’s offerings on repeat. I listen to it again today searching for one word to surmise his sound. This one word eludes me, so I’m going to go with indie, rock and folk instead.

“Candour’ is the quality of being open, honest and frank and that’s exactly what this EP achieves through music and the art of storytelling.

The intro track Anon effortlessly draws you into the EP, which is a musical landscape of travel, and an artist exploring and stretching his musical prowess. Despite self confessed roots in scream and post hardcore, it’s hard to see any of these influences here, they far from define Ellard or ‘Candour’.

Anon builds beautifully, and it’s upbeat tempo leaves you masterfully craving more. It’s that same striped back guitar, strong vocal and content combo that Ben Howard has embraced that makes this such a good listen. This is a standout track!

Follow up track, Letters to the Queen, moves away from this formula slightly, and yet remains the one track, from the four strong EP, that I find myself humming continuously, obviously resonating.

Elements of playful electro music are littered throughout, most notably in Dredge the Sea. The third track from the EP, it dredges up images of the Galway based singer inspired by Salthill and the wild Atlantic. The rawness of Dredge the Sea really appeals, but for the weirdly timed beats that only act as distraction in the later portion of the track. Finally, Indiana showcases Ellard’s vocal range, and lulls you into sweet submission.

Derek was selected for the Guinness Amplify Series playing 25 September in the Stock Exchange, Galway, and supports Wallis Bird on the Galway leg of her tour, 1st November Monroe’s Galway.

The EP is just four tracks, and like all good EP leaves you thirsty for more. Good thing is it looks like there might be an album on the way. In the meantime, Derek is a grafter when it comes to gigging, so keep an eye and ear out for him in a venue near you soon to quench your musical thirst.

Fiona Donnellan

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