alt-J (∆) release new video for Fitzpleasure

Earlier this year, French production company COSA; who pride themselves on creating innovative videos with a point of difference, concocted a project to unite a unique director, artist and contemporary music group to create a provocative music video

The director Guillaume Cagniard, Artistic Director of JR for many years, formed the connection between COSA and the Galerie Emmanuel Perrotin in Paris, who represent some of the greatest artists of the moment: Murakami, Sophie Calle, Veilhan, JR Wim Delvoye.

After success on their first collaboration with Massive Attack and the Galerie to create a unique two-minute video, COSA approached hugely acclaimed Belgian artist Wim Delvoye to create their next video project. Wim’s works are noted for being highly inventive and often shocking; marrying the attractive with the repulsive and the religious with the sinful. It was decided that the band who most suited the artistic vision ofWim Delvoye was Alt-J, specifically the song ‘Fitzpleasure’.

The video for ‘Fitzpleasure’ was shot in one day in a studio in Paris using massive metal pieces of Wim’s artwork, each weighing in at nearly 250 pounds. Living artwork performer Tim Steiner, who famously turned his back into a piece of art after being tattooed by Wim (his back was ‘sold’ for over $200,000 at auction and will be claimed upon his death), came especially from London to be part of the shoot. The video also made history in becoming the first in history to have been given permission to film Wim’s artwork that is currently being exhibited in The Louvre.

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