Album Review: Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross | Gone Girl OST

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross have proved themselves a dab hand at creating chilly, creepy atmosphere for film soundtracks. For Gone Girl, they create what might be their finest soundtrack to date. Created entirely on a bed of keyboards, on the first few listens it barely makes any impression but gradually it takes hold and wraps itself around your ears. The more memorable tracks, Sugar Storm and Procedural are moody little triumphs. Elsewhere we get the ominous groans of With Suspicion and Something Disposable and the deceptively comforting Just Like You. Clue Two contains vague hints of old Nine Inch Nails material, while Background Noise may have the sweetest sounding piano line on the whole album.

The musical highs are plenty: the almost symphonic Like Home manages to sound soothing yet harrowing at the same time while the scary, deliberate noises at the heart of The Way He Looks At Me will haunt you in your dreams. Technically, Missing is one of the more fleshed out tracks here, containing a rare guitar line or two. Overall the soundtrack captures the ‘chilly as f**k’ feeling perfectly. Try carrying out mundane tasks to its 86 minutes, it will give that trip to the supermarket or drive to the airport a whole new perspective

Killian Laher

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