Album Review: Tindersticks – Ypres OST

Tindersticks have composed the soundtrack for an installation at the Flanders Field First World War museum in Ypres.  Entirely instrumental, it consists of six long, really, really grim sounding tracks.  Whispering Guns has a real sense of foreboding to it, full of tolling bells and strings droning away for 12 minutes.  Ananas et Poivre, La Guerrero Souterraine and Gueules Cassėes are more digestible in length, but apart from Jo Fraser’s low flute that dominates the latter, the music is largely avant-garde, devoid of conventional melodies or song structures.  Sunset Glow provides some respite, the swelling strings sound almost optimistic in comparison to what has gone before.  There’s a dark majesty at first to the strings on The Third Battle of Ypres but this does not sustain over the track’s twenty minutes.

It’s one to be listened to alone, to accompany a particularly bleak mood.

Killian Laher


Room 1
1. Whispering guns parts 1, 2 and 3
2. Ananas et poivre

Room 2
3. La guerre souterraine
4. Gueules cassées

Room 3
5. Sunset glow
6. The third battle of Ypres O.S.T.

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