Album Review: RM Hubbert | Ampersand Extras

Guitarist RM Hubbert neatly draws a line under his first three albums by releasing a collection of tracks which didn’t make the cut. If you enjoyed his albums, then you need this – the material here is as good as his previous work. PB is a fine example of his flamenco guitar playing, but second track Song For Jenny represents a departure, with playwright Alan Bissett reciting a teacher-style lesson backed by Hubbert’s guitar.

Hubbert’s pastoral, delicate instrumentals are at the heart of his albums and here he includes the fine Canine Shaped Frogs, Elliot and the sparse, still Hanging Pointers to name just three, all perfectly paced to lose yourself in the beautifully layered guitar lines. Hubby even takes a vocal himself on the brief True Love Will Find You In The End. Not everything here works. Cherry Blossoms is busy and a little jarring, while Mo Ve’lla Bella Mia De La Muntagne, featuring a duet between Alasdair Roberts and Emma Pollock, veers dangerously close to cheese territory. But despite a couple of missteps, these 11 tracks work well together as an album. An unassumingly good album at that.

Killian Laher

1. PB
2. Song For Jenny
3. Canine Shaped Frogs
4. Elliot
5. Hanging Pointers
6. True Love Will Find You In The End
7. Sticky Pine
8. For Fuck Sake D, Sit Nice
9. Cherry Blossoms
10. SG 666
11. Mo Ve’lla Bella Mia De La Muntagne


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