Album Review: La Flag | Spargelzeit

Have you ever thought to yourself: I wish there was a heavy instrumental Portugese band? Well ponder no more, Lisbon’s La Flag released debut album Spargelzeit a few months ago and it’s an old fashioned belter. Opening with Zenith which bursts out of the traps, stomping about like early And So I Watch You From Afar, the band display deft musicianship with duelling guitars. The thrilling Antonov follows, a track which mixes a heavy dose of Mogwai in with the early ASIWYFA, as electric guitars are plucked and pulverised in equal measures.

The slow-burning Dana de Espadas explodes into hardcore bliss halfway through, while the downcast, moody Far provides some dreamy, shoegazing respite. By the time we reach Liu Kang with its exciting changes of pace and the thunderous Ophelia, this band show themselves as a cut above standard-issue post-rock. If there’s any justice at all, these guys will make a sizeable impact.

Killian Laher

1. Zenith
2. Antonov
3. Dana de Espadas
4. Far
5. Liu Kang
6. Mocho
7. Ophelia

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