Album Review: Aidan Moffat | Vagrants_09_14

In an autumn of surprise releases, recently published children’s author Aidan Moffat (really) released this collection of random songs, collected under the aptly-titled album Vagrants. It opens with the acoustic strum of Morning Song, followed by the beatbox and steel guitar of the in-love-with-the-world The World Around Us.

It isn’t too long before the mood darkens. Fan Dance of the Fledglings captures the essence of young folk on holidays, You’ll Be Fine covers life and how to live it, while The Lustful Mime is all about love, all filtered through Moffat’s bleakly funny outlook. Elsewhere this collection showcases the more mellow side of this underrated songwriter through a handful of covers: Glen Campbell (Love Is Not A Game), Hubert (Monkey Talk) and Sonny and Cher (I Got You Babe).

It’s not essential stuff, but will tide us over till Moffat’s next major release. It’s available here on bandcamp

Killian Laher

1. Morning Song
2. The World Around Us
3. Fan Dance of the Fledgings
4. Love Is Not A Game
5. You’ll Be Fine
6. Interlude (Waiting In The Car)
7. Monkey Talk
8. Wall Song
9. I Got You Babe
10. The Lustful Mime

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