Absolut Fringe: Tromluí Pinocchio/Pinocchio-A Nightmare

Getting through to teenagers can be like banging your fist against a brick wall. Or indeed trying to get through a wooden skull. That’s what Gepetto finds out when he mail-orders a son at the beginning of Tromluí Phinocchio/Pinocchio – a Nightmare.

Galway-based Moonfish Theatre Company bring us the darker side of the classic Pinocchio tale with a story that imaginatively enacts the pain of growing up. Pinocchio’s loss of innocence might make him a real boy but the journey there is a tumultuous one.

Moonfish have re-imagined this story with inventiveness, charm and ambition. The beautiful bi-lingual telling uses shadow puppetry, excellent live sound effects, music and dance to transform the black box space of Smock Alley Studio into several different worlds. We are taken through forests, vaudeville theatres, hedonistic parties and out to the edge of the wild ocean as Pinocchio tries to make his way back home.

The company have created a show to delight in, one that will appeal to younger and more mature audiences alike.

Moonfish, coming to the fringe with the West Coast Cool group of Galway-based artists, prove as their slogan goes “the west is definitely awake.”

Meadhbh McHugh

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