Theatre review: Friction

Friction is the latest piece of work by the Freshly Ground Theatre Company. But rather than a play, this piece is a conversation, an exposition on a theme that has no resolution. Dealing with issues of rape and sexual assault, needless to say, it is perhaps not the theatre piece for all ages. It is, however, one that every adult and young adult needs to see, and a conversation that needs to be had again and again at all levels in society.

Importantly, both for its topic and its audience, Friction does not rely on pomp or a moral high ground from which to talk from. Instead, it takes young people, actors, audiences and others, and puts the conversation on their terms, in their own language.

At times, Friction feels like a blunt instrument in a conversation that should need care and nuance to address. It is clear, from the content of the piece, and how closely it speaks to the experiences of so many people, men and women, that the time for delicacy on this topic is long past. Sometimes it takes a mallet to break through the wall before you can chisel the finer details.


by Siofra Ni Shluaghadhain

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